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7 Effective Instagram Marketing Ideas for Restaurant

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If you are struggling to grow your restaurant it is a good idea to use Instagram and think about Instagram marketing ideas for your restaurant.

Instagram is getting the most popular platform and it plays an important role in restaurant business.

It is true that there are over billion users for Instagram and people aged from 18 to 35 spend whole five days searching food image on Instagram.

This means that Instagram is a perfect place for connecting with users and your customers.

I think you have been using Instagram for your restaurant. This is fantastic. But Here is 7 Effective Instagram Marketing ideas for your restaurant.

1. Create a short story

Creating Instagram story is the important thing for restaurant marketing because it drives lots of engagement.

It is apparent that many brands become successful by publishing story content. You can create different type of stories.

・Seasonal or limited food
・How your chef are cooking
・How each dishes are made
・What your restaurant looks like

2.Use a link in Instagram story

You can use Instagram stories to share menu, dishes, behind the scene or something like that. But you can also use Instagram story to share link with your followers.

That means you can share a link to the new menu, food, drinks or desert.

Look at the Instagram story of Piada Italian street food. This is a good example of linking to ordering menu.

3. Post new dishes, drinks or dessert

One of the best ways of attracting your followers or customers is to post a photo of new dishes because lots of users enjoy seeing a new meals or dessert.

For a photo of dishes

It is important to use consistent color when you post a photo because it makes your Instagram page look attractive and beautiful.

4. Use hashtag

When you post a photo or a video don’t forget to use hashtag for your post. Because using hashtag helps your followers or customers understand what to tag when they post a photo of your restaurant.

Posting customers photo is the most important marketing strategy and there are 3 effects of that.
・Increase engagement
・Show real experience of your customer
・Build trust with your followers and customers

5.Show your staff and chef

Posting a photo of your staff or chef is a great way of building trust with your followers. It gives them a sense of familiarity and a chance to get to know your restaurant.

That encourage your followers to visit your restaurant because people are more likely to go to a restaurant that is familiar to them.

It is also a good idea to introduce your staff, because it helps followers connect to your restaurant.

6.Give beneficial information

Do you know what your follower or customers are looking for when they visit your Instagram page? It is obvious that lots of people want to know information which is beneficial to them.

For example, “only 5 people available for special dishes”, “10 percent discount for dinner” or something like that.

But these information don’t need to be like coupon or discount. You can also tell your followers other beneficial information such as “which menu was ordered the most today”, ” what are each dishes made from”, “business hours” or ” the recipe of meals”.

Giving your followers latest and beneficial information helps you increase engagement.

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