Content marketing

What is content marketing

Content marketing is the marketing approach which creates and distributes valuable information to your audience to attract them and get them engage with your business , and finally turn them into your customers.

Examples of content marketing

Blog content

One of the examples is blog. For example, you are running a clothe store and trying to increase an awareness of your clothe store.

You create blog about what type of clothe you are selling, how your products different from other’s or latest information such as new products or sales information.

Those information help you reach out your audience and help them know about your clothe store.

Review content

Another example is review. I will take a restaurant as an example. Imagine you are running Italian restaurant and you want many people to visit your restaurant. What you can do is create review content.

Review content means customer review.
Here is an example, please look at this picture.

The reason why customer review is important is because that tells customers how much your restaurant is popular or how many people are visiting your restaurant, which encourage people to visit your restaurant.

And there is a study which found that people are willing to conform what other people doing. For example, there is an advertisement of coffee, which is saying “this coffee is loved by 80% of people in this world”.

When people look at this ad, they are more likely to buy that coffee because everyone is buying that coffee. So when people look at the review of the restaurant they are more likely to visit that restaurant if the review is really good.

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Types of content

Content can be anything and there are many types of contents which include:
・Social media content
and more

Some people may be confused Content marketing with Digital marketing.
Content marketing is one of Digital marketing which is the broad concept.

Digital marketing is the marketing which make use of internet based on digital technologies such as phone, laptop, digital media or digital media such as website or social media to connect with customers or promote products or services.

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