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How content marketing is different from content strategy

In order to rank high when people search for content strategy

Do you know the difference between content marketing and content strategy?

When you are asked about what content marketing is, you could easily answer this question.

But what about content strategy. Can you explain how content marketing is different from content strategy?

If you want to know how they are different, you are in the right place.

Content marketing is often thought to be the same thing but they are different.
They support with each other.

Explain what content marketing is

Content marketing is the marketing approach which focuses on creating, publishing and delivering valuable content to target audience.

So content marketing is just a practice of creating content.

There are different types of content

  • Blog
  • infographics
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Social media content
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepaper

For example, look at the image below. This is an example of blog content from from

blog content from
source has a blog about travel tips. This blog shares information about travel tips for places all over the world.

Their blog includes any travel tips such as “how to enjoy trip”, “what is the best hotel” or “the best beach in Spain”.

These information are valuable for people who want to know about travel. Because those are exactly what they are looking for. And is regularly publishing articles to get audiences engaged.

And in content marketing we do not usually advertise any services or products. If you advertise something on your content, visitor can easily leave your website.

How content marketing influences SEO

There are lots of benefits of doing content marketing. But content marketing has a positive impact on SEO ( search engine optimization). It is a strategy that helps you get traffics from organic or natural search result and your website ranks high on search engine result page such as google, yahoo or other pages.

So the more content you create the more likely you are to reach many audiences and rank high on search engine result page.

Explain what content strategy is

Content strategy is the foundation for content marketing.

Without content strategy content marketing will not be successful .

According to Moz “Content strategy concerns itself with the vision”

This means that content strategy defines why you are creating content, who you are creating content for, when you will publish content, what type of content you will choose and how you measure your success.

So the difference is that content marketing is just the approach focusing on creating, publishing and delivering content.

On the other hand, content strategy is the plan for creating great content and it support content marketing.

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