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6 simple steps to create content strategy

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Creating content strategy is important for your business and content marketing. .

If you want to know the difference between content marketing and content strategy please visit here: The difference between content marketing and content strategy

In order to create successful content strategy you need to learn specific steps to create content strategy.

If you are wondering how to start content strategy we will help you.

Let’s learn how to create content strategy.

1. Define your goal.

Defining your goal is the first step. In order to create great content it is important to set your goal because it helps you understand what you have to do to achieve your goal and makes it easier for your to create content.

And it also helps you decide what content you need to create for your audience.

Here are some typical goal:

  • Getting more site traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase conversion
  • Improve SEO
  • Make more sales

 2. Know your target audience

It is essential to know your target audience and create your buyer persona.

Buyer persona is the characteristics of your target such as age, sex, occupation, behavior pattern or demographics. 

knowing your target audience helps you create valuable and relevant  content to them.  Without understanding your target it is really hard to create great content.

For example, you will create content about food. Your target audience is women aged around 20. Once you define your target you can create content which is suitable for them.

3. Decide content type

The next thing you have to do is to choose content type. There are some types of contents . Most people start creating blog on their website because it is an efficient way of reaching out their audiences.

When you create blog it is important to publish blog regularly to attract your target.

Your blog should be valuable and unique for your audience to make them share your post on social media and other website.
Here are popular types of content:

  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Video
  • E-books
  • Case study
  • Infographics

4. Create content

Once you choose your content you can start creating your content. When you create content you have to think about what you will write.

Now it is easy for you to decide what topic you will write because you know your target audience.

What you have to do here is to imagine what information they are looking for, what question they have and how can you answer their question.

For example, you will write blog about digital marketing and your target is people who don’t know much about digital marketing, who are struggling to increase site traffic or who want to make more sales.

So your blog can be “what is digital marketing”,”What is the benefits of digital marketing” or “How digital marketing works for your business”. These content are valuable for your target audience.

5. Distribute and manage

The next thing you have to do is distribute and manage your content.

In order to get a good result you must create a schedule for publishing content. This means when and what time you will publish content. It is important to keep track of that and publish content regularly.

You also need to update your content constantly because most people want to get new information.

If your content is too old people are less likely to see your content because it is not reliable. Updating content also affect SEO(search engine optimization).

6. Analyze your website

Finally you need to analyze your website. There are some analytical tools you can use:

  • Google analytics: it is for analyzing site traffic, conversion or visitor on your website.
  • Search console: It helps you measure site’s search traffic and performance, fix issue, and make your site stand out in search result.

There are mainly 3 things you must analyze:

  • The number of traffic on your website.
  • Where your audience come to your website from .
  • Conversion rate.

Analyzing these things tells you what you need to improve. For example, you check the site traffic and realize that the traffic is decreasing.

Then you can think why the traffic is going down. “Is this because of the quality of content” or ” is this because of the competitor”.

If you could find the cause of that problem you can increase site traffic.
Analyzing is essential for successful content strategy.

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