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5 reasons why content marketing is important

As you know there are many types of marketing such as social media marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, Influencer marketing and so on.
Content marketing is one of the most important marketing for your business. There are 5 reasons why content marketing is important. The reason why it is important is because it helps increase traffic and conversion rate, build trust, improve SEO and increase brand awareness.

5 Effects of content marketing

  • 1. Increase traffic
  • 2. Build trust
  • 3. Improve conversion
  • 4. Improve SEO results
  • 5. Increase brand awareness

1. Increase traffic

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways of increasing traffic on your website. Creating content which is relevant and consistent help you boost site traffic.

Creating such a content improves SEO which is the process of getting traffic from organic search engine result on search engine. This means that the more content you create the more likely your content to rank high on search engine result, which increase the chance that your audience visit your website.

2. Build trust

One of the greatest benefits of content marketing is building trust with your audience. Creating content which answers the question your audience have help you build relationships with them.

For example, you are writing a blog about social media marketing and your audience want to know how to start social media marketing.

If your blog help them understand how to start social media marketing they start to trust you.

3.Improve conversion

Content marketing help your business improve conversion. Conversion is an action taken by visitors on your website, which is profitable for you.Conversion can be anything and depends on business.

Conversion includes:
・Making a purchase
・Sign up for news letter
・Submitting a contact form
・Download a resource (e-book, app, etc)
・Engaging with a site(time on site, visit to other page)

Creating simple and persuasive web content is important because that affect visitor’s decision. Creating good web content help you convert visitors on your website to your customers.

4. Improve SEO results

Content marketing also boost SEO results. SEO is a strategy which help your website rank high on search engine ranking, which is the most important thing for your business.

If your SEO is not improved it is really hard for people to find your website. The more content you create the more likely your content to rank high on search engine ranking.

But the content you created should be good quality and consistent because SEO is affected by the quality of content.

For example, you create a blog content about travel and your content should be about travel, which help you reach out your audience. If your content is mixed travel with food, it is hard to rank high on search engine ranking.

5. Increase brand awareness

Content marketing is one of the best ways of increasing brand awareness because it gives your audience an opportunity to know what your company does and what your brand represents.

For example, you are creating content about your company or services. When people see your content they develop their opinion and start to trust your business.

In order to increase brand awareness it is important to create a content describing your company’s culture, how your brand or services differ from others.

In conclusion

Today I talked about importance of content marketing and there are 5 reasons why content marketing is important: 1 Increase traffic. 2:Build trust. 3:Improve conversion. 4:Improve SEO results. 5: Increase brand awareness.

If you think content marketing is beneficial for your business it is a good idea to start think about content marketing.

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