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5 Benefits of Content Marketing For Restaurants

To increase engagement

Do you want to be ahead of other restaurants?

It is true that content marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing such as direct-mail, broadcast or outdoor advertising.

According to Forbes , content marketing cost 62% less than traditional marketing and generate 3 times as many leads.

Content marketing gives 5 benefits to your restaurant.

1. Build brand awareness

One of the best things about content marketing is to help build brand awareness. Because your audience have a chance to see your content and to know your brand.

If you create contents about your service or brand, you can boost your brand awareness.

For example, you can create blog about your restaurant such as ” How your restaurant started”, ” How your restaurant differ from others” or ” What services your restaurant are offering”.

2. Building trust

Content marketing is the best way of building trust with your customers. The more valuable content you create the more likely your audience trust you.

It is important to deliver information that your target audience are looking for.

Think about what question they have, what they want to know.

Do they want to know your recipes or your service?
Keep posting updates.

3. Converting your audience

Another effect is that content marketing helps convert your prospect to your customer.

Creating content that answers the question your audience have helps them overcome the problems they are facing.

For example, your target audience want to know:

・How to cook pasta.
・How to cook napolitan.
・What ingredient need for cooking carbonara.

Providing these information to your target helps you convert them to your fan. Because those info are exactly they are looking for.

4. Improve Conversion.

Conversion is the most important thing for all business because it is a key to success.

Conversion is the desired action taken by your customers. The definition of conversion depends on the business.

It can be anything such as purchasing products, fill out the application form, subscribe to newsletter or downloading free materials.

In terms of restaurant it could be like, making reservation, ordering food, subscribe to blog or making a call.

There are different ways of improving conversion. But one of the best examples of boosting conversion rate is using review from your customers.

Because review helps audiences know how much your customers are satisfied with your service or whether your restaurant is good.

According to around 80% of customers say review is important when they purchase services or products.

So creating review is important for boosting conversion.

5. Increase traffic to website

Creating consistent and valuable content for your target helps you get more traffic to your website.

Because the content you create is what they are looking for.

The more content you create the more traffic you can generate.

If you want to get more traffic it is important to create and publish high quality content.

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