8 Blog Writing Tips for SEO for ranking high in SERP

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Are you having difficulty increasing traffic to your blog?
Would you like to know seo blog writing tips to rank high?

It is important to understand SEO for blog writing for ranking high because it influence ranking in google result page.

Without understanding SEO it is really hard to rank high and get thousands of readers.

Today I will talk about 8 Blog Writing Tips for SEO in order to rank high.

If you understand SEO blog writing tips, you can write SEO friendly blog that ranks high in search engine result page.

・4 SEO tips for blog writing you have to do

First I will talk about 4 key SEO tips that must remember. These are the basic things and if you master these tips you have a chance to rank higher in result page.

1.Use keyword in your blog title, subheading and meta tag

Using the best keywords is important for SEO. Because keywords influence google ranking and that helps your audiences find your content via search engine.

There are mainly 3 places you must put your keywords on

・Page title

This is the most significant part that influences SEO. Google focuses on the page title and this is the fist place that visitors look at.

So putting key phrases or key words on page title helps search engine understand what your blog is about and helps visitors find your page.

For example, if your key words is “content marketing” you have to put that key words in your title.

key words

Put key phrases in page title

In search engine result this keywords displayed like this.

Title can have 100 characters. According to Moz using around 60 characters is recommended in your title because about 65 characters is displayed on search engine result page.

This means that there will be a chance that important phrases will not be displayed if you use more than 65 characters.

It is also not recommended using all capital letters for page title. This is because it makes it harder for visitors to read title and recognize your page.

・H2 tag

Putting keywords in H2 tag is also important for SEO. According to Yoast, H2 tag have a huge impact on search engine ranking.

I will give you good and bad examples of using H2.

For example, you are writing blog about ” 4 exercises that reduce stress” and your keywords is “exercise”.

・4 exercises that reduce stress.

Sentence, sentence, sentence..

H2: Running

H2: Walking

H2: Jumping

H2: weight lifting

・ 4 exercise that reduce stress.

Sentence, sentence, sentence…

H2: 2 Aerobic Exercises
H3: Running
H3: Walking

H2: 2 Anaerobic Exercises
H3: Jumping
H3: Weight lifting

As you can see the left example is bad. Because H2 doesn’t have the keywords “exercise” .

On the other hand, right one is a good example. Because H2 has a keyword. It improves SEO and helps readers understand what your blog is about by looking at heading.

・Meta description

Meta description is the summary of a web page. This is displayed on search engine result.

Explain an example of meta description

Although meta descriptions or meta keywords do not contribute to google ranking, it is important to put keywords in meta description. Because it helps visitors understand what your web content is about and increase “Click-through-rate”.

This means if you put keywords in meta description visitors are more likely to click your web content.

2.Text length

Obviously word count is an important factor for SEO becasue that influences search engine ranking.

Google says that longer article are more likely to rank higher in search engine ranking.

However, that does not mean adding too much word count help your blog rank high. Quality and use-friendliness are more important than quantity.

According to a study in 2020 from backlinko, average first page on google result has around 1500 words.

And yoast say that if your blog contain around 800 words that would be great. If you want to create high quality content word counts should be around 1000.

Remember quality is more important than quantity.

3. Optimize images with alt text

Using images play an important role in improving accessibility for visitors and SEO.

When you add an image, you have to set alt text. Because google can’t recognize an image like human, so we have to add alt text to image to tell google what this image is about.

Alt text is a word or phrase that is added in HTML to tell website viewers the nature of image.

Alt text

This is an example from WordPress. As you can see there is a space for Alt text on right side.

What is important here is to add alt text as specific as possible and it should relate to the topic.

So in this case alt text can be ” Black laptop, coffee and plant on the table”. This is specific and relate to that image. It tells google about what image it is ,and improve SEO and accessibility.

4.Put internal link

If you have written similar or related content, it would be better to link these with each other. Because internal link helps keep visitors on your website and helps google go through your website.

Internal link is the link that go from one page on domain to another page on the same domain.

Find some contents that are similar or related.

4 SEO mistakes you have to avoid when writing blog

The next thing I will talk about is SEO mistakes that many people make.

1. Copy and past other blog content

It is a good idea to copy someone else’s content and use it for your blog.

But copy and paste influence SEO and if you do that you will get a penalty from Google.

So your content has to be unique that visitors have never seen before.

Here is some useful tools that check copy content:
Plagiarism Detector

2. Write same or similar article

You have probably written many blog content. If there are some contents that are same or similar, you have to check that.

Because it also have an impact on google search engine ranking according to Google.

The reason why creating same content is problem is because search engine does not know which article index or exclude.

If there are two similar blog about “Food” and the content is exactly the same, google will chose one of them or not list both of them.

So make sure you do not have similar or same content in your domain.

3. Use same keyword

When you put keywords on your article, you have to use one keyword per page.

Because google search engine can not understand what your content is about if you use two keywords per page.

For instance, you have a page with two key phrases “Dark chocolate” and “Bitter chocolate”. This page will less likely to rank high.

So this case there should be pages for each key phrases.

Let’s focus on one keyword for one page.

4. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing means that the pages which is filled with same words or phrases in an attempt to increase search engine ranking.

Repeating same words or phrases has a negative effect on search engine ranking.

Google say that putting same words and phrases on a page leads to bad user experience and have a negative impact on search engine result.

For example, your keyword is “motivation” and your blog is like ” I teach how to increase motivation. Motivation is important for our life. There are many ways of boosting motivation. if you want to know how to increase motivation, ask us about how to improve motivation..”

As you can see this is trying to use same word ” motivation”. And it seems unnatural.

・How many keyword should we use?

According to blog.alexa it is recommended keeping keyword density below 2% because it follows guideline for SEO.

If you are using WordPress, you can download Yoast SEO plugin that allow you to check keyword density.

So make sure you are using keywords appropriately in your content.

Summary of blog writing tips for SEO

I will give a brief summary of what we learned today.

・4 SEO blog writing tips you have to do
1.Use keyword in your blog title, subheading and meta tag
  2.Text length
3. Optimize image with alt text
4. Put internal link

・4 SEO mistakes you have to avoid
1. Copy and paste other blog content
2. Write same or similar article
3. Use same keyword
4.Keyword stuffing

We learned 8 SEO blog writing tips. If you understand and carry out these SEO tips, you can write SEO friendly blog and your blog will rank high soon.

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