11 Important Tips for Blog Writing That Boosts Traffics by 120%

To tell readers blog writing tips

If you are wondering how to write blog, blog title or struggling to increase traffic to your blog post, you are in the right place. I will talk about 11 important tips for blog writing.

In order to solve those problem, there are mainly two solutions that solve those problems.
1. Blog title
2. Structure of blog

Blog title is the first thing that your audiences look at ,and if the title is more attractive and specific your reader are more likely to click your blog title.

Content or structure of your blog is important. The content of blog must be clear, specific and easy to understand. If your article is complex and difficult to read, your audiences can leave your blog page.

What you can get from this article if you understand blog writing tips:
1. You can write blog title that drives more traffic
2. You can write blog that attract more people

11 Important Tips for Blog Writing

1. 4 Most Important Blog Writing Tips for Blog Title

Title is the most important part because 80% of people decide whether they read an article by looking at the title.

First I will talk about 4 important tips for blog title. Once you learn these tips you can use these quickly and if you master these skills you can easily write blog title that attract more people and drive more traffic.

1. Tell Benefits

One of the most important tips for blog title is to tell what benefits your reader can get. Because people want to know beneficial information and they are looking for those information.

For example, you are writing about dish wash and create a title ” Dish wash made from natural ingredients”.

It looks OK but it is not clear what benefits we can get from that product. we have to tell what people can get from dish wash with natural ingredients.

So that title can be ” Dish wash with natural ingredients that is gentle to your skin”. Now the benefit of this dish wash is clear.

Adding useful information to a blog title encourage readers to click your blog title.

2.Use Numerical Character

The next blog writing tip you have to use is numerical characters. Using number makes your blog title more specific and increases credibility.

I want you look at two examples of blog title.

” App that is used by many people” VS ” App that is used by 70% of teenagers in U.S”

Which one looks more credible and attract more people?
You probably though latter one. The latter one is using numbers and specific.

There are different ways of using numbers:
・ 3 food that lower the risk of dementia by 60%
・6 steps to create a good habit
・5 things you must know before start business
・The toothpaste that is recommended by 80% of dentists

Make sure you use number on your blog title try to make that specific as much as possible.

3.Add New Information

It is really important to tell your audience about new information. This is because people are attracted to latest information and they are always try to find such information.

The easiest way of telling new information is to use the word ” New” or “Latest”.

For example, ” New iPhone model will be released”, “5 new method that rise sales by 70%” or “5 latest recipe for pudding in 2020”

Like I said lots of people are looking for latest information. When you write title just check if it is new information or not.

4. Stimulate curiosity

Arousing people’s curiosity encourage them to click your blog title.

This means that your title must be something your audience want to know.

What is important here is to reveal the result (answer) first on blog title.

For example, you are writing blog about ” how you increased website traffic”. Your blog title can be ” How I increased web traffic by 90 %”.

When readers look at this title, they would think what strategies or tools are used to boost traffic. And they are likely to click that title because they want to know how I boosted traffic.

Here is a good example of taking advantage of curiosity:


This is about how many rubber bands need to explode a watermelon.

Readers can understand watermelon will be explode. But they want to know how watermelon can be exploded and how many rubber bands are needed to explode watermelon.

There is a gap between what they already know( watermelon will explode) and what they can know or what they want to know( how watermelon explode or how many rubber bands need).

This gap arouse people’s curiosity and they are likely to engage in content.

So your title should be something that stimulates reader’s curiosity and something they want to know.

2. 4 Writing Tips For Blog Structure

The next blog writing tips is about the structure of blog.
In this section I will talk about mainly three things:

1. Format of introduction that increase engagement dramatically.
2. Structure of the sentence.

3. Extra blog writing tips

(1). Blog writing Tips for Format of introduction

The opening sentence is the second most important thing. Because people who are attracted to the title will read the introduction next.

So whether you can write the first sentence that attract reader’s interest is important.

There are 3 important things in introduction.

・Raising a question

What is important here is to mention the problem that your reader have. Because they react to their problems or worries.

For example, “Are you struggling to lower your weight?” or “You have difficulty in increasing sales right?”. Then tell them the reason of those problem. ” Because you are doing the wrong exercise”, or” Because you have not done marketing research”.

When readers look at these sentences they become sympathize with that. So it is important to create empathy in readers.

・ Tell the results

What is important here is to tell what result they can get from this article. Because they can understand what this article is about and what benefits they can get.

For example, ” You can boost web traffic by 70%”, ” You can lower your weight by 25% within 3 month” or ” You can master skills for designing your website”.

Lots of people don’t have much time reading whole article. The more clear and simple your blog is the more likely readers to read your blog.

・ Reveal the evidence for the result

Show the evidence for the result.

For example, ” 80% of customer successfully increased traffic by using my strategies” or ” I could lower my weight by 5 kg with this exercise”.

Presenting the evidence increases credibility.
And it is also recommended to use number because it makes your sentences more persuasive.

(2). Blog Writing Tips for Structure of the sentence

The next thing I will talk about is how to structure sentences. The readability influence whether your reader will read your blog or not.

Have you ever heard or “PREP”.
P: Point
R: Reason
E: Example or Evidence
P: Point

This is the very useful format and lots of top bloggers are using this format. This is also used in business situation or presentation. Because it helps us to tell a main point easily, readers can easily understand the main point and it saves time.

Let me give an example.

Point: It is important to create customer reviews for your business.
Reason: Because customer reviews influence the purchasing decision of consumers.
Example: According to the survey by Podium 82% of consumers say that customer review is important.
Point: So customer review is important and it has an influence on consumer’s purchasing decision.

It is easy to understand that right?
PREP technique starts with main point. This allow readers to understand your claim easily.

(3). Extra blog writing tips

Now you understand how to write introduction and how to structure blog sentences.

You can write a high level blog.
But I will show you some essential blog writing tips for increasing more engagement.

There are 3 things I will talk about.

1. Use space

When you write blog it is essential to change paragraph because it create space between sentence. This makes it easier for readers to read your blog.

I want you to look at two examples of sentences:

Blog writing tips

One of the most important things when you write blog title is to tell the benefit to readers. If audiences don’t understand what benefit they can get from your article when they look at the title, they are less likely to click the title. So it is important to add beneficial information to your blog title.

One of the most important things when you write blog title is to tell the benefit to readers.

If audiences don’t understand what benefit they can get from your article when they look at the title, they are less likely to click the title.

So it is important to add beneficial information to your blog title.

Which one was easy to read?
I think you found it easy to read the right one. Because the paragraph is changed and there is enough space between paragraph.

SO make sure that you change the paragraph when you write blog.

2. Highlight important point

Highlight or underline the most important point for readers.

This is really helpful for readers because they can easily understand which point or sentence is the most important.

If they find the important point which is highlighted they can save time reading all sentences.

Using highlighter makes it easier for readers to read an article and find significant point.

3. Add a photo

Using a photo for your blog is one of the efficient ways of attracting readers. It is true that adding a feature image increase engagement.

For example, using a photo of smiling face makes a good impression such as credibility, sense of security or peace.

Another example is the face of children.
Have you ever seen a cover of book with child’s smiling face?

The reason why child’s face is used for book cover is because when people look at the child’s smiling face, they feel relieved or relaxed.  

And human try to read other’s facial expression.
This is why people tend to react to a photo of human face.

But which photo you use really depends on what blog you are writing.

If you are writing something about food, a feature image has to relate to that topic. For example, A photo of people eating at a restaurant or image of food.

Summary of blog writing tips

Today we learned 11 blog writing tips. If you carry out what you learned from this blog, you can get more readers and increase more traffic to your blog.

Let’s review what we learned:

1.Tips for Title
・Tell benefit
・Use numerical character
・Add new information
・Stimulate curiosity

2. Tips for Blog Structure
(1)Format of Introduction
・Raise a question
・Tell the result
・Reveal the evidence
(2)Sentence Structure
・PREP(Point, Reason, Example and Point)
(3)Extra Blog Writing Tips
・Use space
・Highlighting important point
・Add a photo

I would like you to try those blog writing tips.
Once you master those tips you can write a perfect blog that attracts thousands of readers.  
If you want to know about SEO tips for blog writing, just visit this page:

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